Saturday, April 28, 2012

Man got to get back on my blogging game

I've been totally out of it. Between working and just trying to get things done and get back on trying the blog has taken the backburner. But do not fret for I have not forgotten about you little blog of mine. We will be able to blog again once more soon enough as long as my plans work out accordingly.

Here's hoping...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Potential Qualities in a Future Mate

So, I'm at that point...
where I'm officially ready to date someone (not marry or jump into a relationship)
with someone new.
I need to put myself out there a little and try to clear my head of all the impending doom that sometimes creeps up on me.

So without further ado here is my list of qualities I will seek in a future potential partner:
-Good work ethic
-Careful driver
-Likes to pay bills on time
-Tidy person with a tidy personality
-Likes and is OK with kids
-No tailgating... that's seriously a dealbreaker... tailgaters need not apply
-Someone present and active in their own life
-Someone with ambition, determination, drive
-Someone with the appropriate amount of follow through
-Someone who will tickle my back if I ask
-Someone who is willing to accept that I'm just a little different (this one will be hard)
-Well groomed and knows how to dress (trumps looks in a heartbeat)
-Someone who is not opposed to the idea of "family"
-Someone loyal, with at least 16 oz. of integrity
-Someone that flosses

The following is a list of ideal qualities that are icing:
-Likes good music
-Can tolerate my music
-Doesn't mind repeating themselves because I am deaf
-Belief in science technology and all things future
-Head in the clouds feet on the floor

I don't know this is a general idea but I am sure there are tons more..
I understand that no one is perfect and that I'm not either
I just really want to know that the person I choose tries their best all the time.
Not a quitter, not someone who's going to bow out of the match.