Monday, December 23, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse

So I am a member of Influenster.
I got chosen for the Violet Vox Box which had tons of awesome goodies in it.

This blog is about the Montagne Jeunesse clay mask.
Let me first say that this mask...
I had Pomegranate particularly is 100% VEGETARIAN and ALL NATURAL
Made my skin feel fresh and revived.
The next day my skin LOOKED magnificent
Smelled lovely


So it is not a cream, it really is a mask that you lay on your face and it was truly relaxing to have on once it warmed up a bit. My kids also thought it was quite funny :)

Overall I would totally recommend and suggest that you try this product

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Plug for Curel!

It seems like all I'm doing is plugs but I don't have that much time on my hands to do all the fun stuff that I would like to do anymore. Just want to give you guys something

So gave me a Curel Intensive Healing Campaign and the stuff is really good. Especially since it's winter and everyone is dry the air has no moisture and our skin suffers.
It was not overly oily so I could use it during the day. It was just a top of the line product that I was happy to use... and they gave me a lot of free samples!!! HOLLA!

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Little Plug for Colgate

So, I belong to Influenster and I get free things periodically to try and test and review and what not. I recently got the Colgate Slimsoft Toothbrush from them. Let me tell you, I am no toothbrush snob AT ALL. I am only picky that it have soft bristles.

Like, seriously good.
It's light.... so light you think to yourself when you pick it up that it may not be able to do a good job. THINK AGAIN.
It came with a trial mouthwash and toothpaste so for the "full effect" I couple them all together and I really do have an incredibly clean feeling mouth all day. It's pretty great.

So try it out... it's a cute toothbrush too!


Friday, September 20, 2013

August Babbabox

So I totally did the babbabox.
It is a win!
This is... so easy, fun, stress free, great... there aren't enough positive adjectives.

Yes, once again it is the wrong way.
But nehoot... the theme was Pirate Treasure.
And I will say this... the stuff is comparable to things that you can buy at Michaels or something.
You got a little pamphlet to tell you what to do
A puzzle that doubled as a scavenger hunt
An eyepatch
Tacky glue
And a treasure box

So the puzzle directions were pretty simple put four of the puzzle pieces into envelopes and hide them... on each envelope is a picture of the NEXT part of the house the children will find the Next card... so once they collect the first three pieces they then find a bag with all the pieces and can nbuild the puzzle. My kids loved this.... and I didn't have to plan or go out and procure any of this stuff!

The second activity was the treasure box with came with jewels and tacky glue and coins so you could decorate... total mess and total fun.

I already got this months babbabox - and the theme is the library so I am pretty pumped and will update you guys once we do it!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

August Citrus Lane Box

I am so very late...

Wowweee... about to get the NEXT box already.

Dang don't know how to rotate from here 
So obviously, I didn't rotate two of these... I realize that.

But the box was .. less than what I had desired
You got:

Cleo's Alphabet Book from Barefoot Books (Cleo is a series!) valued at 15.99
-I like this book... different approach with the phonetic being the focus instead of the rote memory.

Little Stacker (frog pictured in sideways photo) from Rich Frog. valued at 12.95
-This was my favorite item in the box as Oliver LOVES it!

Baby Bottle Strap from Ah Goo Baby valued at 10.49.
-Although this is a cool thing to have.. I breastfeed right now so at the moment it really isn't applicable to me. The prints are very cool though. Take a look around their site.

All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes from Clean Well. valued at 5.50
-I use them but ... the smell is comparable to pencil shavings... def not orange vanilla... they skeeve me out kind of too... a little too wet.

Calendula Diaper Care for Diaper Rash from Weleda approximate value 5.00. (three sample packs at about .4oz each)
-It wasn't anything special if you ask me...

Fab Kids free outfit offer - value 39.95
I WAS SO PUMPED FOR THIS and then... my link didn't work... I was bummed out shame on you fab kids... just for that I am not including them in the box's average!

So, the box was a steal - I paid 25.95
and the total of everything WITHOUT the Fab Kids offer was $49.93
That's kind of Rad.
If you want to join Citrus Lane Click Here

I am also curious if anyone's Fab Kids offer worked? If yours did leave me a comment :)

I also started doing the babbabox and will have a blog post for that in the next few days!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Days

So, this week marked Penny's first day of school!
It seems crazy that the past six years of my life have gone so fast.
She was so excited and so that put me at ease.
My sister in law was much more upset than I the night before and I was wondering the night before while talking to her on the phone, am I a bad mom or something (for not being upset that is)?
So, the next day... at the school walking her in to meet the teacher this wave of sadness washed over me... this is it, I thought. She's not my baby anymore - I'm handing her off to some teacher

The night before I asked her if she was nervous at all and she said to me, "Mom I've been waiting on this since I was born." MY GIRL!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Les Mis Feels

Gives me the feels
If this doesn't evoke some emotion you are a robot-o
Next post is gonna be August's Citrus Lane so stay tuned

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

D Shaming

So for the purposes of relieving myself I need to share one of the more horrific, terrible, and probably relatable events that has happened in my life recently.

So, I'm in school, for nursing. I am only prerequisites and so far it hasn't been a problem. My past couple weeks have been intense and I was trying to balance summer classes during all of my life's melodrama. So we're winding down in the semester and I'm doing great... and I totally feel like I've got this on lock... like really. If anything I'm worried about the Algebra class I'm taking and I passed that. The other class, Sociology is fun and I like it and I feel like ... I *should* do really well in that too.

Bravado gets you no where folks. My final paper was due at 1145 pm I turned it in at 1148 and it was not accepted! NOT ACCEPTED - 20% of my grade down the drain.

This is heart shattering... Unless I could provide documentation for my not getting it in on time I was told it was a no go. What can you say to that? Not much.
Do I think it's fair? HECK NO
I was probably going to get a B in that class and the difference between a B and a D came down to three friggin minutes.
But I was polite and I didn't argue because what really is that going to do for me?
It isn't going to make me feel better because at the end of the day I got a D and I guarantee you... I am not a D student. Maybe at one point in my life I was, but now, today no I am not.

It's a lesson though, find the lesson always. Work harder, which I'll have to as our nursing program is run on a point system where you earn points for each class you receive a C or higher in... and so, my fifth class so far is a D... blah.
The good news is that my financial aid is not in jeopardy  So I'll still be going in the fall ...

I guess the point is that it's so shameful. A -D- it was actually a D+ but it's a DDDDDDDDDDD
and in SOCIOLOGY??? Come on!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Your Own Personal Plight

This is not going to be a standard post... it's more an exhalation of feeling and I'll say it and then it's gone... given to ____ <----- insert deity there.
In life sometimes you feel like you've got something to prove... oft times it's to others.
This is deflection though because the person you need to prove these things to is yourself.
People say things to you, and the people that know you the best can say something and it can cut you like a knife. I myself, take criticism very hard even if I know that, that criticism came from a place that was neither constructive or fair, was in fact destructive and unfair.

So, even though I know it isn't true it forces you to look at yourself closer. Who am I?
All the big ifs in life - and you think about the sacrifice and the time that you invest in the most important pieces in your life and it is so worth it. So worth it.
When things get rough it is about finding a soft spot - I do this well.

Sometimes, you've got to love yourself despite your flaws. Yeah, I have them, yeah, most people know about them... am I going to let you cut me down for them? HELL NO

Despite my flaws

  • Tempermental
  • Overly Non Confrontational
  • Closed off in regards to my feelings
  • Very little initiative
I have a whole lot of great attributes too!
    • Super Nice
    • Love my kids
    • Determined
    • Balanced
I would keep going on both lists but this is not the point and I don't want to totally make myself seem either great or terrible... the point is this. There is a plight to our existence. 
That plight is the one we have with ourselves, the one that keeps you awake at night wondering.
Am I that bad? Did I do something that terrible? 
And the answer is always no, even if it is yes you have to say no. Because we have to love ourselves and the second we can do that wholeheartedly the closer we are to being better, not just at living but loving one another. 

It's not sufficient to say that there are people that want to make others feel small. It is not sufficient to say that there are people who enjoy the failures of others. Because these people (and I do believe they are few) have sick souls. Their enjoyment in the misery of others comes simply from knowing that you are now feeling their wretched self loathing.

And so you have to love yourself. Love yourself for all your "things" Good or bad - embrace them and know them. 

And I will end this with a lame quote I saw on facebook
"What you spent years building, someone could destroy overnight.
Build Anyway."


Bride Boards

The other day on the drive to work they were talking about Pinterest Wedding boards of girls that aren't married, particularly women that are single. The arugment was that it was creepy...
But I couldn't disagree more... it's a bunch of chicks and chicks are taught from the time they are little they are supposed to have this magical, fantastical wedding one day... why can't they dream about it on Pinterest?
So, basically we as women are supposed to pine for marriage but never let it show, right? We're supposed to be open but not desperate? We're supposed to be receptacles for me but never be open to the idea of engaging in a lifelong affair with someone?

It sounds like bologna to me.
Pin on ladies - whichur wedding dreams.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July Citrus Lane Box

So, I totally got the July Citrus Lane Box

There are a lot of great things in it:

So, in the picture you can see there are five different items

  • Little Buddy Wipes by Me4kidz which retail for 2.49. (pictured top right) Also, if you go look at their site they have a really cool first aid kid which is only 14.95 and is super cute
  • Organic Food Packet by NurturMe they are sold in packs of 8 so the retail would be about 1.19. Ollie isn't on solids yet... so jury is going to be out on this one for a little while. Also came with a 25 cent coupon off future purchase
  • Mum+Bub Soothing Ointment by Aden+Anais retails for 1.33. (I got a .25oz tube and a 3oz goes for 15.95) This stuff is AWESOME... it smells great and doesn't leave a gross residue.. just, very ideal
  • Also by Aden+Anais is a Burpy Bib which retails for 11.00. This is a great idea as it can be a burpcloth or a bib although I will be totally honest I like the other prints better than this one which is called "star bright" still a very good item to have.
  • Pack & Go Mini Mobile by Tiny Love which retails for 14.99. Of all the products this is the most innovative, different and cool (I've been doing this mom thing for a while so when I say it, it means something) It's a very small mobile for a carseat or stoller and it FOLDS UP! Why wasn't this invented earlier... it's sensory for different ages as well so it grows with baby. I love that the center is a little bell too very cute. 
So, if I had paid the full 21$ for this months box I would have made out like a bandit because this stuff totaled 31$ in all but it's even better because I only paid 15$ so my friends that's 16$ in swag for free 

Oh and also a coupon for 10 free Postagrams from Sincerely Inc.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thoughts on Records

I just saw this on Buzzfeed

And.... if you are wondering my thoughts on record collecting here are what come to mind:

You like records because you are old
(Nostalgia and old that shit geriatrics are into)

You like records because you are a turntablist
(Obviously makes a lot of sense)

You are a poser

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Morning Star Farms Houseparty

Totally got selected to do a Morning Star Farms Houseparty! Super Excited!!!!!!!
I also applied to host a bunch of other GREAT ones that are coming up throughout the summer... yay!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Swagbucks / Citrus Lane

Wish I had known sooner but if you are a member of Swagbucks they are offering 1000 swagbucks for subscribing to Citrus Lane.... too late for me.... not for you though.

Benefit through my misfortune you miscreants.

Friday, June 7, 2013


As I said previously, I subscribed to Citrus Lane. I also went ahead and subscribed to Goodies which sends you a monthly box of snacks for only $7! Right now it's by invite only but it only took me about three days until they sent me one. If you go ahead and look at their website you can look at their past boxes to get an idea of what you get. I think the deal is really good. There isn't however any discounts when you sign up like there were for Citrus Lane...

I did however find this coupon which I wish I had known about when I signed up.

And as soon as I get my box (Julyish) I will let you guys know how awesome it was.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Ordered my Citrus Lane

So I signed up for Citrus Lane as I had mentioned in my last post

and I have a ten dollar off your first box coupon for you, all you have to do is use this link:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Subscription Boxes

I have obviously been out of material lately to write about on my blog, this however doesn't mean I've been doing nothing just nothing of blog worthy notation.

I have been looking very carefully into this whole new world of subscription boxes. How appealing is this? I just don't have the words to describe the joy that whole surprise of stuff can bring but is it worth it? Like I said I am carefully looking into it and am thinking I will start out with one that I think would be a winner.... I think Citrus Lane will be my first. Mainly because it gives a really good mix of baby products and I want to ride that train while I still can. I think starting out with one will give me a good idea if this is "for me" I sure know that it's hard to shop anymore - not that I don't love it just that... I am so much more likely to grab whatever I see first because I'm in a rush...

But this whole "subscription box" thing is so new isn't it? I remember hearing around Christmas time about Wittlebee and thinking it was great but it was Christmas time so it wasn't the time to get in on that!

There's a bunch of other ones that I am interested in:

They do mostly beauty products and they have a mens and womens monthly subscription. They currently on a "request an invite" basis so ... ohhhh exclusivity

Is a great idea - sends you a craft project (adult) monthly. Targeted towards young (ish) women and it looks like a lot of fun.

Internet underwear baby! Pick your style, pick your color get some drawers in the mail... coolness or hotness whatever you are into.

These "crates" are catered to your child's tastes and they include specific crafts that have to been chosen to help them draw on their interests and abilites... looks super cool!

For 7 DOLLARS a month they send you a bunch of awesome and unique snack items... this is a steal especially if you like to try new things...

Babbabox is a really neat idea for kids...there are different price points, but at the highest price point they give you an activity to do together, one for them to do alone so you can get stuff done, weekend ideas and a storybook... it's the priciest of them all but for some reason feels like the most thought out and special of all the boxes.

Ipsy is cool, it's a lot like Birchbox but I think you may get a better bang for your buck.. you also get a limited edition makeup bag each month.

So, I'm sure there are tons more I would love but feasibly keeping up with just this would be tough so for now that is all. And like I said I will start out with one and see how it goes. Also if I then decide to add another box on I can do it so I get the boxes at different time. I obviously want to share the boxes with you guys and if I get ten at once... well it would take away from the experience.

Do you guys subscribe to any boxes? If so which ones?

There's also a lot of sites with coupon codes for these so when / if I use them I will let you know.

Presents who doesn't love presents!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Time... it flies

Today, Penny was sitting here watching a show on my laptop and I was sitting here watching her and I realized... man she's growing up. I feel like... I finally understand what all those people meant when they said it goes fast. Kind of scary.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tom Bergeron

So, my kids love America's Funniest Home Videos
Tom Bergeron hosts this show nowadays...

Penelope reads books out loud in her room (not really reads but goes through the story pretend reading)
And the author... is always Tom Bergeron

ALWAYS, who knew he was a children's book author!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Grandpa's Day!

OK so it is totally not grandpa's day... is that even a holiday? But I just wanted to share these two equally funny photos from with you!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Thought for the Youth...

Why y'all tanning....
It is unwholesome for several reasons which I will cover extensively in a moment.
But first know young people that I am not attacking you and I'm addressing this to younger people because fortunately for you, your skin still has a chance. Put on SPF not DARK TANNING OIL especially (most definitely) if you are not of Taino / Native American / African American / Eastern Indian descent.
Oh look, it's an old tan guy...
what old tan guy isn't saying is I have MELANOMA!!!
Whether you're catching your UV's by bed or by sea apply some sunscreen.
Don't be that guy ^^ Yeah you up there.
It's also really unbecoming because it AGES THE SHIT OUT OF YOU.

You look just as pretty in your real skin people - and your 40 year old self is going to thank you........
NO your 40 year old self is going to thank me...
Shall I link you to my Amazon Wishlist now or later?

Someone Pale

Monday, April 22, 2013

It's just an empty boat!

So, there's this new baby floating around my house and we're all off track and we're trying to get back to a stable, sane spot... not that babies are hard but overseeing two young children while taking care of a baby is - and there are days when I go in my girls room at night and realize what an utter mess it is I want to cry because there's no way they'll be able to clean it up without help.

And then, in my inbox I see ZEN HABITS you're so nice!
Like, how cool is it to get that right around this time... a nudge from the universe that it's gonna be OK.
It's not always the end of the room, and it's an opportunity to maybe even teach a lesson.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pacifiers and Myspace

So, you are looking at that title and going... now how is she going to tie these two seemingly unrelated things together???
A: I'm not
Just two topics I'm going to share my opinion of with you conveniently in this one little post.

First, pacifiers... I don't know if I just don't get it or I'm being one of those judgemental moms who thinks she's (OK, knows) she's doing it right. But man when I see pictures of babies with those things I totally just want to slap em right outta their mouths! Like.... ahhhhh! You are almost a year old.... not a newborn!
So here is my problem... firstly I've never met a breastfed baby who will take one.. P took one when she was just born... used it only a couple of times. Isabelle wouldn't even touch it... and when she was about six months old I was so exhausted I fished one out of a box of stuff of Penny's-- praying to the universe she would take it so I could sleep... she did not. Maybe I'm bitter but what the hell do kids need these in their mouths for all the time. Isn't it frowned upon? And taking pictures with it??? WHAT!
NO,NO,NO.I get the soothing / calming purpose but isn't that like the "fourth trimester" wouldn't that end at three months old?
Alright said my piece.
I will say this though... I don't really know what it's like to have a child dependent on one for comfort. I do know what weaning is like and if it's anything like that it isn't fun, but can't you see yourself going down this path before it gets to that point? I don't know.

Now on to my second bit...
I have been going on Myspace looking at old pictures. I've also been looking at my old comments and how nice that whole community is in retrospect. Facebook seems so whiny to me, OH LIFE SUCKS BLAH BLAH BLAH. Myspace was just commenting on people's pages telling them nice things like "hey I miss you" or "Happy Birthday"
So, I'm going to list here (who doesn't love a list) all of my favorite comments I've ever received on Myspace (some of the best are actually from my brother) He's probably the missing ingredient on facebook anyway - he's never had one.


-im compeeled to right youthis song 

ash let me smash 
you gave me a rash 
we dont smok hash 
but we can drink 
and try and think 
of something to do with no cable or hot water 

i miss the good old days 

see you soon 

(it's going to copy this font)
From my sister in law.

-well, well, well, look who came crawling back... me. after so much time thats passed of despising my existence, you finally caved in and realized keeping me as your best friend is much healthier than being my worst enemy. have a nice day. ;)

My friend Jason

-You wouldn't believe the amount of people that are just sooo jealous of you sitting in my top friends as numba one mutha fucka... I hope you appreciate it, bunghole.

-Also my friend Jason

(I put that there because... ah myspace where you could tell your value in this world by the number of people you held a reigning spot in their elusive top "8") 

-miss ya...hope every things good...reddin sux...u aint missin nothin...ill try n get ahold of ya you very much<333SeTh*

-My brother in a moment of sweetness (HAHA)

Hey i know its its only the 3rd but happy birthday your gonna be 24 right?(man we are getting old!) I hope everything is good with the baby. You gotta get ahold of me if you ever come home to visit. Talk to you later.....miss ya!

-My cousin.. this made me feel way OLD

Ey you fagg. ! L0L wut in the world u been doing. ? Jusx gt done reading ya bullentin. Hehehe dude I miss you. Hit me up on aim so I can save u on my mobile list cusx thts how I'm always on. Well dude. ! Idk if you know but my jaw was fractured in a car wreck 3mnths ago. N I'm still healing. I was like so fawkn depressd during the 1st-2nd mnths. I felt so dame alone. Never felt like that sincx the yung age lol but w/e I'm go0d N ovr it. But grl I hope all is very well with you sincx I last talk 2you. Oh gyea scott weiland is still hott. He's on jimmy kimmel rite now lol aite grl ttys. Iloveyou. !!

-My dear and insane friend Kat

OK enough of that crap.. the old days.. they sure were good.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Appointment Parties.

So, yeah I just had a baby... and if there is anything you can guarantee associated to babies / pregnancy it's a shitload of doctor appointments... seemingly one after another after another.

It can bog you down .. I have on average two a week!
(So unnecessary)
But see, here's a great way to solve the monotony of doctor "appointments"

Why this is genius:

  • Because the doctor will think you are crazy RSVP'ing to your appt.
  • Because the fact above may get you extra prescriptions!
  • Because maybe they'll recognize and appreciate your genius and make you an honorary doctor
  • Because maybe if you call it a party when you show up there will be cake... 
And just so everyone knows how superior my creations are, here's Oliver

Friday, March 29, 2013

Gaining Clarity

Today was all about clarity for me.
Sometimes you hear something or see something and it makes you realize just how important perception is an ingredient in our lives.
We see what we want, little mirrors of the way we feel. Not necessarily how others feel, and that's not something to be angry at others about - perception is our "rose colored glass"
The only person to be angry at is yourself - for putting your blinders on in the first place.

Having said that...This Article puts into perspective what we're really living for... (and of course ironically uses the word CLARITY really big!)

So how would you choose to spend your last day on Earth?

Here's my list:


I'd go bananas with my kids - all day. Then I'd die.

I think the article leads you to think you should do things that are so unnecessary before your day is up, like "mend fences" maybe you need to do that - I don't know but I got 24 hours and I'm not hashing out old, stale, tired, crap with someone I couldn't have been bothered with when I was going to live to benefit from it.
I mean maybe you need to tell your ______, that they ______ and that hurt you... but really what good is saying it going to do? Just another example of wasting your (LAST) breaths talking instead of LIVING, (only my opinion of course)

Anyway, somber, somber.
Point is celebrate life while you are alive - nothing is guaranteed... NOTHING
And don't fucking forget Carl.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear 18 Year Old Me....

I found this interesting ... ladies writing letters to their younger selves.
So I'm gonna do it too!

Dear 18 year old self,

You're a real bitch you know that? I'm not telling you anything significant about your future because you wouldn't believe me if I told you... and you don't really deserve to know anyway. But... I will say this you should be using Nivea products they're good to you. Be nicer to your Grandmother, more critical with your friends and stop NOT PLANNING. <--------- silliest idea you ever had... really.

Don't say anything without being able to back it up. Get more sleep too... there may be a day when you wish you had. Treat the people in your life as though it's yours and their last day because it just may be. You really do get smarter when you get older - you don't have to understand that yet because there's no way to really get it until you've "got" it.

Don't write people off... it's not nice. You may be surprised to find out that a lot of the people you write off turn out to remember you and maybe even become some of your greatest allies when you need them.
There is music that is better than punk rock, really I am not lieing. You know this somewhere deep inside you just won't admit it - move on!

Most importantly, there will be times when you have to resist the urge to be cold and hard... life's just rough sometimes. But you're alive... I know you live to be AT LEAST 28.... so enjoy your definite 10 years. Enjoy  waking up in the morning and being able to breathe... stuff happens and you can't change it but you are here you DUMMY!

the very humble and cool future you.
She's hotter too !!!

PS Get over yourself!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

English Mashups

So, in my English class we are writing a researched paper and to give us an idea of how to incorporate our own thoughts into the writing we were given the example of mashups and given a link to the best mashups of 2006. I found this simultaneously cool and super weird.

Here's the link
They get better the further down you go obviously.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

*As Much as I want to Like This*

This collab should have never happened.
I mean, look, I'm not a critic and I am a huge Aesop Rock fan and I think the song is powerful lyrically...
her style is ??? Spoken Word / Folk Rock??? And she is trying to rap.

I looked in the comments and people are really into this??
Her voice is grating, I mean I give her props for being courageous and really OBVIOUSLY being bold and doing something different but I'm really confused after watching this.
I mean I heard they had toured together and wanted to check it out... somethings should just remain a mystery I guess.

Anyway, what's up Sigur Ros? NO PHILLY DATES!? 

What has it come to?

Oh terrible news folks!
I had to throw my favorite shoes away... decrepit they were.
But oh, when I got them they were beautiful Sperry Topsiders
People would say things like, "aren't your feet hot?" and, "those aren't summer shoes." and, "those aren't winter shoes." and of course, "those are so ugly."

They were a lot like those but black, it really is a sad day.

On another note my blog is lacking substance -

but it makes up for it in character, so eat it!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

There was a time...

when all I wanted was for Instagram to be available on Droid because in my opinion it was the only thing the iPhone had on my phone... now I'm glad I can't use it at all anymore because apparently rich kids are posting about their lives on there and stuff (who would have thought rich kids used phone apps?)


But really after page one - just like old money - it's a real booooore.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

You can lead a horse...

Samo' Samo'

Sneak onto fb to see what I was doing last year on St. Patrick's Day
Fuck if I know cuz timeline just did away with all my status' 
THANKS TIMELINE.... You've ruined even a reverie of past crunkness.
Happy Enabling Holiday.

Friday, March 15, 2013


This was too good not to share....

Just so everyone knows....
this little miracle is called and Aye Aye

And if you have to satisfy your craving for more ugly animals YOU ARE WELCOME

Monday, March 11, 2013

Push Present? Really?

Ok, so if you were by chance carousing the internet for ideas for a gift for your woman take your mouse up and to the right because this is NOT what you wanted.

If however, you are wondering well, what is a push present allow me.

On top of now receiving your own life still intact and a new second life expelled from your womb you get a prize at the end of glorious childbirth. Just the name Push Present... doesn't sound full of expectation at all - nope no sarcasm there.

This whole farce of pregnancy kills me, what do women expect? Why would you complain about it like this... yeah it sucks but for serious, really? Isn't the gift at the end the fact that you get this awesome child...
OR I GUESS NOT. Not only that - isn't it great that it isn't oh... say two hundred years ago where you may HAVE DIED ?

Women have men under the guise that this shit is way worse than it is - no thanks to perpetuation by movies and television. It all seems so ungrateful and so underhanded. We all know what it's going to be like, they've been telling us since we got our periods...

I don't know, I might be wrong - maybe women deserve trophies for procreating but knowing how most people turn out in adulthood I think it's a little premature to give someone a prize at the very earliest stages of this insane life event. Or maybe I just ... maybe I am a real man because apparently at ask men they agree with me.

Sometimes it just feels like as women we want everything... and some things we should ask for. Like equal pay, equal rights but I fear a "push gift" just doesn't fit into my idea of what as women we deserve.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

So Worth Watching

I'm not super into TED Talks, but I came across this and thought it was exceptional.
I usually have a problem with this stuff because who wasn't teased or laughed at? And to whine about it as an adult... seems so trivial. But this is very beautiful and not whiney and worth the eleven minutes of your life you spend on it.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

George Harrison The Coolest Arthropod


Ladies and Gentlemen and Bots why do you ask is George Harrison the coolest Beatle?
Because George Harrison wrote "Give Me Love"
Because George Harrison let Eric Clapton have his wife after he sang Layla about her
Because George Harrison was the absolute underdog (let's just not mention Ringo right now)
Because he survived a knife attack by a home intruder
Because George Harrison was in The Traveling Wilburys

OK so anyway... he's my fave. I love the Beatles, I mean my kid is named after a Beatles song
That's got to count for something!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Absolute Boredom

Today was one of the most boring unproductive days I have had in a while.
I mostly trolled around the internet and did nothing.

I did however find this article which I thought was really beautiful and is a great reminder to myself of the values which I try to embody.

I almost made a venomous post about all the things on the internet that I find annoying and then I was just clicking around stumbleupon and found that and it reminded me... it's just not worth it.

Tomorrow I'm going to blog about why George Harrison was my favorite Beatle... HOLLA.

Bands of the moment

I was going to title this post something like... 20 most influential, progressive bands at the moment but... I'm not a critic so what do I know. But this is the stuff I'm stuck on right now, lately and why. Basically because I want a reason to sit and listen to music without just sitting here doing nothing. If you disagree well, oh well. 


What's not to love about Slug? Hip hop for chicks. It's raps equivalent to IDM how can you argue that? With lines like, "Do I sound mad? Well, I guess I'm a little pissed... every action has a point and five points make a fist. You close them, you swing them and it hurts when it hits.. the truth can be a bitch but... if the boot fits." It's intelligent and funny and self aware.

Silversun Pickups
Lyrically, they're the best thing out there right now. And if you can get past the bassist's awkwardness their live stuff is great to watch because they have a terrific chemistry. I think I read somewhere that they met on a plane ... coming from different outfits so it was a band meant to be, OBVIOUSLY

Aloe Blacc
Dapper Aloe Blacc. What I like most about him is the takeaway shows. If you don't know what these are go look up takeway shows on youtube immediately. His are by far the best. I like that he covers a lot of songs that weren't really popular when they were made but were still great. I think he's really influential, and I think he may get a lot bigger... who knows.

The queen of dance. I'm sorry Britney... you're alright and all but Robyn wins! And she's a crossover artist. She's actually been out for years but she's apparently had some label conflicts and opened her own Konichiwa Records recently.

Counting Crows

Not the most attractive ensemble but damn are they powerful. Probably the oldest guys on the list too. Anna Begins is one of my favorite songs of all time. (One of)
I also think (until Shrek) they were one of the most underrated bands out there... the ultimate underdogs.
And if I love anything it's an underdog

Kate Nash
Kate Nash is super funny has really great lines in her songs about how she's gonna leave her boyfriend lay in his own puke in the cold because he is a giant jerk! Super Girl Music - trampling all over the likes of Lily Allen

The Bird and the Bee
Cutesy fun pop, think Belle and Sebastian less the Twee. Part of why they're cool is that no one has used them in shows or car commercials. Relatively unknown, untouched and pristine.

Lykki Li
Why is it that all the best Kings of Leon songs have been redone by other artists ... and turned out better. Lykke Li covers Knocked Up and kills it. She kills any song. Her acoustic version of "Tonight" is incredible. Granted it's got that... crazy chick vibe but it's still great.

The biggest bill on the list, and yeah... OK he's a douche. But damn if 808's and Heartbreak isn't one of the best breakup albums since SeaChange... yeah I said it. 808's is a great album and while he's not Michael Jackson with the whole dancing I bet he scares the shit out of Justin Timberlake. Still 808's didn't get much recognition. It's kind of his hidden gem thing...

La Roux 
La Roux is cool. I don't really know exactly what about her I like so much but it's very fun, uptempo.

Kid Cudi
Kid Cudi is great because he likes to get stoned and then rap about it. Lissie covers his song Pursuit of Happiness (very well too). But I think what's great is there are tons of remixes out there that remaster his stuff and make it really incredible. Sometimes with popular rap you have to sift through a lot of the garbage to find the really talented guys and he's definitely one of them... not that Aesoppy Rock shit (who does he think he is stealing that name?)

Persons / Bands of Note:

  • Mayer Hawthorne 
  • The Kooks
  • Full Crate and Mar
  • Peter, Bjorn, and John
  • Lissie
  • Modest Mouse
  • Ingrid Michaelson
  • The Black Keys

I don't own any of these pictures... I stole them all off different places on the webs.. sorry.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Real Post

So, I just posted but that was sort of a mini post while I was playing my game. I just wanted to post what's been going on in my little tiny world.
I started classes two weeks ago at the community college here..
it's going pretty well.
I am taking three classes. Two on campus and one online

  • English - online (got a 100 on my first summary / response for Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I a Woman?
  • Orientation - bs filler course... on campus
  • PreAlgebra - Got a 96 on my first exam :-)
So, I've been kind of busy with that... I only got my Valentine's decorations out today.

I have been playing this game... and so far I've died in a lot of awesome ways.
  • Bees
  • A tentacle in a swamp
  • I've lit myself on fire
  • I got stuck in the dark with no fire
I've also cheated and read the wiki page... but come on man... it helps
My only problem is that when you die everything is gone! The only thing that is the same is the map... 

So... OK that is all for now

Don't Starve

I started playing a game called Don't Starve, which is super duper cool.
You are spawned in the woods... you have to find food and things to build a fire.
Since I've only gotten four days in the game without dying... I haven't done that much but I wanted to make a post because this is the first game in a while I've played that has good graphics and is enjoyable.

There's lots of stuff you can do once you've been alive long enough. Just for your own sake, don't attack the bees...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Not Much Happening...

but it doesn't hurt to show my blog some LOVE.

I am sitting here just thinking about the day and have a list of random thoughts that have popped into my head.

-Anything that falls in the dogs water dish is immediately deemed trash
-Being an Ebay Power Seller would make me feel like a BAWWSS for life
-Scraping gum off your sidewalk (chewer is unbeknownst to myself) is gross
-Scrapbooking is not half as much fun as buying scrapbooking stuff
-Pinterest has taught me that a shoe organizer is never JUST a shoe organizer... seriously right??

It's been a rainy day. So rainy in fact I will admit I made Peanut Butter and Marshmallow sandwiches as a MEAL... Mother of the Year Award!

This week should be quite a busy one for me but I will be getting a lot done.
I will check in periodically to let you guys know what's going on :-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hungry for Change

I watched this awesome documentary and liked it a lot. While I like to think that we eat moderately healthy meals I know we could be eating better and movies like this tend to keep me motivated to keep trying.
I also know a lot of people that could benefit from this but will refrain from sharing so as not to offend them.

The one thing I did take from this movie is that I need to start juicing... like right now. It's never really been on my radar but what an awesome way to get in a lot of your fruit and veggie requirements.

So, I started looking them up and looking up recipes. I think I am in the market at about the $100 range.

Something like this

So, then I start looking up juice recipes. I am a lover of vegetables... that is true with the exception of CELERY. If you've ever made juice or looked it up you know that the bases that they usually use for vegetable juice are cucumbers or CELERY ... kind of a bummer but I bet with the right combos you probably don't even taste it. 
In my research though I found out about this guy who was like the juicing pioneer. Interesting read if you have the time. 

OK then that is enough for now. :-)

Monday, January 7, 2013

Back? On track?

So... here I am. I told you, I haven't forgotten about you.
It took a little bit because for a little bit life was off the chainnnnnnnnn but I think... I'm back and I think for the most part I am on track but I could use this blog for a little bit of accountability.

I have been into Pinterest the last month or so because I decided Facebook was just sucking my time up and I had to fill that void with a lesser evil, if you will.

I have had some unsavory pastimes the past few months ... including but not limited to The Vampire Diaries which speaking of it - this would be the perfect forum to ask the world does Bonnie the Witch remind you of Wordgirl???

Uncanny is it not?
Anyway, what am I working on? Honestly not a whole lot but I will update  you tomorrow with my intended roster of things that I am planning on doing for the rest of this year.... :)
Can't believe it's been a year already and I only have fifty something posts up!!! Let's change that in 2013!