Monday, February 4, 2013

A Real Post

So, I just posted but that was sort of a mini post while I was playing my game. I just wanted to post what's been going on in my little tiny world.
I started classes two weeks ago at the community college here..
it's going pretty well.
I am taking three classes. Two on campus and one online

  • English - online (got a 100 on my first summary / response for Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I a Woman?
  • Orientation - bs filler course... on campus
  • PreAlgebra - Got a 96 on my first exam :-)
So, I've been kind of busy with that... I only got my Valentine's decorations out today.

I have been playing this game... and so far I've died in a lot of awesome ways.
  • Bees
  • A tentacle in a swamp
  • I've lit myself on fire
  • I got stuck in the dark with no fire
I've also cheated and read the wiki page... but come on man... it helps
My only problem is that when you die everything is gone! The only thing that is the same is the map... 

So... OK that is all for now

Don't Starve

I started playing a game called Don't Starve, which is super duper cool.
You are spawned in the woods... you have to find food and things to build a fire.
Since I've only gotten four days in the game without dying... I haven't done that much but I wanted to make a post because this is the first game in a while I've played that has good graphics and is enjoyable.

There's lots of stuff you can do once you've been alive long enough. Just for your own sake, don't attack the bees...