Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Your Own Personal Plight

This is not going to be a standard post... it's more an exhalation of feeling and I'll say it and then it's gone... given to ____ <----- insert deity there.
In life sometimes you feel like you've got something to prove... oft times it's to others.
This is deflection though because the person you need to prove these things to is yourself.
People say things to you, and the people that know you the best can say something and it can cut you like a knife. I myself, take criticism very hard even if I know that, that criticism came from a place that was neither constructive or fair, was in fact destructive and unfair.

So, even though I know it isn't true it forces you to look at yourself closer. Who am I?
All the big ifs in life - and you think about the sacrifice and the time that you invest in the most important pieces in your life and it is so worth it. So worth it.
When things get rough it is about finding a soft spot - I do this well.

Sometimes, you've got to love yourself despite your flaws. Yeah, I have them, yeah, most people know about them... am I going to let you cut me down for them? HELL NO

Despite my flaws

  • Tempermental
  • Overly Non Confrontational
  • Closed off in regards to my feelings
  • Very little initiative
I have a whole lot of great attributes too!
    • Super Nice
    • Love my kids
    • Determined
    • Balanced
I would keep going on both lists but this is not the point and I don't want to totally make myself seem either great or terrible... the point is this. There is a plight to our existence. 
That plight is the one we have with ourselves, the one that keeps you awake at night wondering.
Am I that bad? Did I do something that terrible? 
And the answer is always no, even if it is yes you have to say no. Because we have to love ourselves and the second we can do that wholeheartedly the closer we are to being better, not just at living but loving one another. 

It's not sufficient to say that there are people that want to make others feel small. It is not sufficient to say that there are people who enjoy the failures of others. Because these people (and I do believe they are few) have sick souls. Their enjoyment in the misery of others comes simply from knowing that you are now feeling their wretched self loathing.

And so you have to love yourself. Love yourself for all your "things" Good or bad - embrace them and know them. 

And I will end this with a lame quote I saw on facebook
"What you spent years building, someone could destroy overnight.
Build Anyway."


Bride Boards

The other day on the drive to work they were talking about Pinterest Wedding boards of girls that aren't married, particularly women that are single. The arugment was that it was creepy...
But I couldn't disagree more... it's a bunch of chicks and chicks are taught from the time they are little they are supposed to have this magical, fantastical wedding one day... why can't they dream about it on Pinterest?
So, basically we as women are supposed to pine for marriage but never let it show, right? We're supposed to be open but not desperate? We're supposed to be receptacles for me but never be open to the idea of engaging in a lifelong affair with someone?

It sounds like bologna to me.
Pin on ladies - whichur wedding dreams.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July Citrus Lane Box

So, I totally got the July Citrus Lane Box

There are a lot of great things in it:

So, in the picture you can see there are five different items

  • Little Buddy Wipes by Me4kidz which retail for 2.49. (pictured top right) Also, if you go look at their site they have a really cool first aid kid which is only 14.95 and is super cute
  • Organic Food Packet by NurturMe they are sold in packs of 8 so the retail would be about 1.19. Ollie isn't on solids yet... so jury is going to be out on this one for a little while. Also came with a 25 cent coupon off future purchase
  • Mum+Bub Soothing Ointment by Aden+Anais retails for 1.33. (I got a .25oz tube and a 3oz goes for 15.95) This stuff is AWESOME... it smells great and doesn't leave a gross residue.. just, very ideal
  • Also by Aden+Anais is a Burpy Bib which retails for 11.00. This is a great idea as it can be a burpcloth or a bib although I will be totally honest I like the other prints better than this one which is called "star bright" still a very good item to have.
  • Pack & Go Mini Mobile by Tiny Love which retails for 14.99. Of all the products this is the most innovative, different and cool (I've been doing this mom thing for a while so when I say it, it means something) It's a very small mobile for a carseat or stoller and it FOLDS UP! Why wasn't this invented earlier... it's sensory for different ages as well so it grows with baby. I love that the center is a little bell too very cute. 
So, if I had paid the full 21$ for this months box I would have made out like a bandit because this stuff totaled 31$ in all but it's even better because I only paid 15$ so my friends that's 16$ in swag for free 

Oh and also a coupon for 10 free Postagrams from Sincerely Inc.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thoughts on Records

I just saw this on Buzzfeed

And.... if you are wondering my thoughts on record collecting here are what come to mind:

You like records because you are old
(Nostalgia and old that shit geriatrics are into)

You like records because you are a turntablist
(Obviously makes a lot of sense)

You are a poser