Friday, September 20, 2013

August Babbabox

So I totally did the babbabox.
It is a win!
This is... so easy, fun, stress free, great... there aren't enough positive adjectives.

Yes, once again it is the wrong way.
But nehoot... the theme was Pirate Treasure.
And I will say this... the stuff is comparable to things that you can buy at Michaels or something.
You got a little pamphlet to tell you what to do
A puzzle that doubled as a scavenger hunt
An eyepatch
Tacky glue
And a treasure box

So the puzzle directions were pretty simple put four of the puzzle pieces into envelopes and hide them... on each envelope is a picture of the NEXT part of the house the children will find the Next card... so once they collect the first three pieces they then find a bag with all the pieces and can nbuild the puzzle. My kids loved this.... and I didn't have to plan or go out and procure any of this stuff!

The second activity was the treasure box with came with jewels and tacky glue and coins so you could decorate... total mess and total fun.

I already got this months babbabox - and the theme is the library so I am pretty pumped and will update you guys once we do it!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

August Citrus Lane Box

I am so very late...

Wowweee... about to get the NEXT box already.

Dang don't know how to rotate from here 
So obviously, I didn't rotate two of these... I realize that.

But the box was .. less than what I had desired
You got:

Cleo's Alphabet Book from Barefoot Books (Cleo is a series!) valued at 15.99
-I like this book... different approach with the phonetic being the focus instead of the rote memory.

Little Stacker (frog pictured in sideways photo) from Rich Frog. valued at 12.95
-This was my favorite item in the box as Oliver LOVES it!

Baby Bottle Strap from Ah Goo Baby valued at 10.49.
-Although this is a cool thing to have.. I breastfeed right now so at the moment it really isn't applicable to me. The prints are very cool though. Take a look around their site.

All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes from Clean Well. valued at 5.50
-I use them but ... the smell is comparable to pencil shavings... def not orange vanilla... they skeeve me out kind of too... a little too wet.

Calendula Diaper Care for Diaper Rash from Weleda approximate value 5.00. (three sample packs at about .4oz each)
-It wasn't anything special if you ask me...

Fab Kids free outfit offer - value 39.95
I WAS SO PUMPED FOR THIS and then... my link didn't work... I was bummed out shame on you fab kids... just for that I am not including them in the box's average!

So, the box was a steal - I paid 25.95
and the total of everything WITHOUT the Fab Kids offer was $49.93
That's kind of Rad.
If you want to join Citrus Lane Click Here

I am also curious if anyone's Fab Kids offer worked? If yours did leave me a comment :)

I also started doing the babbabox and will have a blog post for that in the next few days!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Days

So, this week marked Penny's first day of school!
It seems crazy that the past six years of my life have gone so fast.
She was so excited and so that put me at ease.
My sister in law was much more upset than I the night before and I was wondering the night before while talking to her on the phone, am I a bad mom or something (for not being upset that is)?
So, the next day... at the school walking her in to meet the teacher this wave of sadness washed over me... this is it, I thought. She's not my baby anymore - I'm handing her off to some teacher

The night before I asked her if she was nervous at all and she said to me, "Mom I've been waiting on this since I was born." MY GIRL!