Monday, January 8, 2018

Club SciKidz Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | November 2017

club scikidz review
Club SciKidz is a monthly STEM subscription box that introduces children to a different STEM field each month and sends a detailed workbook full of fun experiments and activities related to that field. Subscriptions are $29.99 monthly

*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here's the Box Breakdown
first look in the club sci kidz box
Our first glimpse inside the Club SciKidz Box.

what's in the club scikidz box
Everything that we received in our Club SciKidz Box for November. The theme for this month was "Grossology" and had all sorts of fun "gross" experiments!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts

There's a recipe for "Dookie Cookies"

Our card with all of our box "ingredients". It's important to note that in your first box you'll receive some tweezers, goggles and a lab notebook plus the experiments for that month!

Our activity guide

Inside all of our experiments are listed. Our first is an edible petri dish, our second ... is an owl pellet!

Next we'll do cow burps

This is a nature project involving moldy bread

Our final experiment is Glogerm Lotion

There's also a page with microexperiments as well as a page with a glossary and a list of scientists in this field and books for further reading in this field.

Our bone sorting chart will help with the Owl Pellet Dissection

This cup is for our edible petri dish project

This vinegar is for our GloGerm experiment

This Ice Age Animals Dig is a little fun craft you can do with your kiddo. Chip away to reveal all the bones to create an artifact!

Here are all the items for the edible petri experiment. There's lime jello, icing, a petri dish and fun sprinkles

Here is everything for our "Cow Burps" experiment. There's a graduated cylinder and two valerian root capsules

We'll be adding these to make something really "GROSS"

We'll be growing our own bacteria with this petri dish prefilled with Agar

And our owl pellet of course, complete with 2 rubber gloves!

Each Club SciKidz Box comes with candy.. because candy is fun!

And for our Glogerm project two cotton swab packets

And also our Glogerm lotion and mini blacklight

Okay so now what?

We started out with the edible petri dish, this way once we're done with all our projects we can go back and decorate our chilled jello!

We boiled some water

Added our jello

Put it into our petri dish and then in the fridge to cool. In the meantime we're moving on to our other tasks

The next thing we did was the owl pellet. Can we just tell you guys how excited we were for this? Penny lent us some of her tools from her microscope to help open the pellet and dissect

Here is our pellet. The point is to retrieve bones and find out what sort of animal the owl ate using the bone chart

Here are some of our bones

This is the skull. If you see the teeth, this was a big indicator of what animal we got! A rodent! Other possibilities are moles, shrews and birds.

All of our bones

Our next project is to grow our own bacteria by swabbing ordinary household stuff and placing in our petri dish. This is an experiment we'll have to touch base with you on in a few days! (takes a bit for the bacteria to grow)

We have two sides (two different swabbed surfaces)

For the first we swabbed a lightswitch (the kids wanted to swab a toilet and we thought better of it) and the second side is the kitchen sink (which is actually interesting for our own personal reference) in the center we put some hand sanitizer to see how well it works! Check back soon for results!

Now we do our Glogerm project. We take the lotion an add a nickel sized amount to our hands. 

Then we go around and do our normal everyday activities. 

We follow that by checking our hands and the areas that we touched for residue. A great example of how germs are spread. They also have a great tutorial on hand washing!

The same dirty lightswatch we swabbed!

Our final project is "Cow Burps" which assures us it will smell awful!

We first add 2 capfuls of vinegar

And one Valerian capsule.. the result is quite putrid smelling. The kids thought it was hilarious!

And finally we decorate our jello petri dish

The kids had fun with this!

And a lot of fun eating it!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation and presentation. The Club SciKidz Box is our very favorite children's subscription box. We love the depth they go into on each subject and we love how many projects are in each box! The presentation is great, everything arrives perfectly. The quality is awesome - they've put together great kits for us to work with! And curation.. well what do you think? This subscription gives kids all the information they need to learn but just enough fun to keep their attention. We did this with Belle (who is 8) and a neighbor this month. And both were delighted (even though it was "gross") they had a blast!

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