About Me

Hi! I'm Asheli
I used to keep a journal when I was like 13 and then stopped abruptly when it was full... I like to think that this blog picks that hobby back up 15 or so years later.
I am here on this Earth to be happy and I hope that you are too.
I love to record the events in my life that lend to that happiness... most of the time those things happen to be my kids but occasionally it's the material... UTTERLY HONEST.
The vein that this blog seems to be moving is more towards reviews because it's hard to publish events without stopping and taking time to document, and I've realized I'm not big on that.

Basically, if you want to know "about me"
I'm a mother FIRST. I like surprises. I'm an aries.
I have a lot of likes... I talk about a lot of them here... mostly I just want to live my life and share it with the world!

I hope you enjoy