NURX Birth Control Subscription Box Review | April 2020

nurx review

Nurx is a telehealth birth control subscription. If you are looking to get birth control or STI testing delivered discreetly to your home Nurx just may be the option for you. Their birth control is subscription based so that you never have to remember to run to the pharmacy and subscriptions are as little as $0 with insurance and $15 without! Shipping is always free. Nurx makes it even easier to manage your subscription with their Nurx app as well! NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Review

When you first log in to Nurx they’ll ask you a variety of questions. What state you live in, a consent for telehealth services, as well as your gender, height, age and if you smoke cigarettes. From there you’ll tell Nurx your history with birth control as well as what birth control option you prefer (ring, patch or pill). You’ll let Nurx know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you have high blood pressure and if you have checked your blood pressure recently. You’ll also let them know of other health conditions you may deal with and if you plan on using the pills to skip periods. Then you’ll let Nurx know any medications or treatments you are currently on or taking and any allergies or other things you want Nurx to know. From there someone from the Nurx team will review your information and prescribe you a form of birth control most suited to you.

For me they prescribed Microgestin which I believe is the “minipill”. I took this while I was breastfeeding two of my children. Because for me I really wanted to have the pill on hand to skip my period during vacation. This is something I wasn’t aware you could do and now I’m super pumped!

I received a three month supply, instructions on how to take my pills and a cool little case to keep my pills in! The addition of the Nurx app is also really a great way to make this birth control subscription box interactive.


So in summary

Presentation: I like the way everything is packaged and all the instructions that you receive. I think this would be best though for someone who has used birth control in the past and understands how it’s supposed to be taken so there is no confusion as this is entirely done through their app and online.

Quality: I love that the folks at Nurx are committed to prescribing you only what you should be taking and the online process is thorough which can seem a bit daunting but is intended to match you with the right pill for you and your lifestyle!

Curation: I mean… I knew what I was getting when I signed up so I’m not sure that this is really applicable but I think that Nurx does a great job of giving subscribers exactly what they need and want – birth control delivered on a schedule so they don’t have to remember it for themselves anymore!

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If you are wanting to alleviate the trip to the drug store for your birth control each month Nurx is a subscription you may want to checkout!

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