club scikidz box review

Club SciKidz Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | June 2020

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club scikidz box review

Club SciKidz is a monthly career and STEM based science subscription for children. Each month you’ll receive a themed assortment of different projects that will include different aspects of both the theme and STEM fields. Great for ages 7+ and will make a great way for you and your children to prevent not only the summer slide but also these long days you’ve been spending at home. You can both learn and spend quality time. Subscriptions are $34.95 monthly. Shipping is calculated at checkout. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the Club SciKidz Box for June.

subscription box for kids

Everything that came in my box from Club Sci Kidz. The theme for this month is, “Birds of a Feather” and uses the science of birds to teach children basic lessons in bird identification, physics and engineering.


So what is all this stuff? 

Every box from Club SciKidz comes with an Activity Guide that walks you through each of the projects in your box as well as gives you further reading, watching and more!

Here are each of the pages in our activity guide for this month. There are five projects included along with a bevy of “Micro experiments” that take that month’s projects and expound on them.


Our Science Surprise for the month is a golden eagle claw! You can use the ring included to turn this into a key ring or just hang somewhere!


Our nature craft for the month is a dream catcher. Penny asked to do this one as it would allow her to be creative.

We received instructions, string, a ring, beads and feathers to complete our project.

You start by weaving the string around the ring.

She asked me if I minded if she did her own thing rather than following the pattern on the instructions and I obliged her.

As you can imagine… her pattern wasn’t quite as well thought out as the one in the instructions… as evidenced by her sisters face.

It may not have been perfect but she had fun!


Next up is our owl pellet experiment. We’ve done these a few times and I think they’re really cool. In case you didn’t know… when owls eat their prey they don’t digest the bones or fur. So they regurgitate it in what is known as an “owl pellet”. In this baggie we have our owl pellet wrapped in foil, tweezers, paper clip and a pair of latex gloves.

We also received a sheet that helps us identify what type of small creature our owl pellet was originally.

Belle volunteered for this one.

Apparently so did our cat.

She really had fun doing this.

We were surprised to have more than one skull!

In fact there were a total of five skulls in our pellet. That was one hungry owl.


For the Technology and Engineering Aspect of our Box we received a building a bird nest activity. I’m not going to lie… this looked (and was tricky and I’m not quite sure how all those little birdies do it!)

Inside we have small twigs, pieces of wood, moss, and thread. The larger pieces will be used to form the structure of the nest while the smaller bits will be used for a cushion.

Vivienne and I worked on this one together.

Here is our completed bird’s nest!


Next is our Bird Wheel Activity. This one has you use binoculars to identify different species of birds. I had Oliver and Vivienne do this one.

The bird cutout page will be glued on to the bird wheel.

And of course a pair of binoculars to find and identify different birds.


I assigned Oliver to cut out duty.

And Vivienne took on pasting the birds onto the wheel.

Together as a team they created their very own bird wheel!

I was pretty impressed!

Then we glue the Falcon on the front of the wheel and put their names on it.

The final step is to attach a T pin to keep the pieces of the wheel together.

Then we send our little explorers outside to find birds.

For the record, they had a lot of fun!


The final activity in our box for the month is a pine cone bird feeder. These are fun and require very little. We didn’t have any bird seed so we haven’t completed this yet but this is a fun way to make an eco-friendly bird feeder and attract some birds you can identify with your bird wheel!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and arrived to me in perfect condition in my box from Club SciKidz

Quality: I love how well thought out the experiments and projects are in this subscription. I love that these are not just engaging educationally but they also allow you to spend quality time bonding with your child during a time that we all just … have time!

Curation: The theme of this box and the projects associated with it were well thought out! We thoroughly enjoyed this box1


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Club SciKidz is great

Great box for STEM enthusiasts to enjoy a bevy of different science and engineering projects each month

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