misfits market review

Misfits Market Subscription Box Review Unboxing + 25% OFF | June 2020

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misfits market review

Misfits Market is a weekly or bi-weekly ugly produce subscription box. You’ll have the ability to select from either the Mischief Box which contains 8-13 pounds of produce for $22 or the Madness (what I’m reviewing) that contains 18-23 pounds of produce for $35. Select areas are able to customize their boxes. Currently Misfits Market ships to Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Ohio, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. Use code COOKWME-IW1PXJ to get 25% off your first box. NAT pays for this subscription.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the Misfits Market Box for this week. Once again they’ve changed the packaging – however it is sill biodegradable / compostable or recyclable in it’s entirety.



So what is all this stuff? 

First up in my box for the week are these two bunches of dandelion greens. I chose these for a couple of reasons, 1 I like to shake it up and 2 I’ve never had them before and I love to learn how to cook new foods. I love that Misfits will send doubles of the items in their larger box.


For the second week in a row I selected eggplant for my box. There were two large ones included which we’ll be using to make eggplant parmesan (we’ve recently perfected this)!


Then there were two very large zucchinis included in my box. We either roast these in the oven or cook  them in foil packs on the grill.


Then there were also two large English Cucumbers. I love these in salads and I also serve them to the kids as a quick snack.


Then there are two mangoes in my box. Since the kids are home for the summer (and well they’ve been but you know what I mean). I selected a lot of fruit to have on hand for them to snack on!


I selected jalapenos for my box this week as well. There are six jalapenos included which we’ll use in omelets or tacos or… eh anything!


There were five limes in my box too. I love these sorts of citrus fruits that can be used in both dressings and marinades! They’re really quite versatile.


I also selected apricots for my box this week. These aren’t available often so I figured what the heck and the kids really enjoyed theme! There were four included in my box in total.


I also chose a head of green cabbage. I love cabbage raw – it’s perfect for a hearty salad and I usually toss it with some fresh dill lemon juice or white wine vinegar and a hint of oil! So yummy!


And spaghetti squash! Oh yummy – this is absolutely delicious roasted in the oven with just butter salt and pepper and it’s so good for your and a great alternative to carbs!


I also chose pluots for my box as well. These plum apricot hybrids are new to me and I wasn’t ready for how cute they are. They almost look like sugarplums! There were twelve included in my box in total and the kids absolutely love them!


I also chose four nectarines in my box. These are a little on the small side but still tasty as can be!


The final item in my box for this week is cilantro. I love cilantro and will be using this in an instant pot dinner that I’m making tonight!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and even though this is a ugly produce subscription everything arrived to me in great condition.

Quality: I love that all the produce in this box is organic as well as nongmo!

Curation: Since I am able to select the produce that I receive I’d say that the curation is pretty amazing!

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One of my faves

I love the Misfits Market Box and enjoy seeing all the pretty produce that I receive! This box was no exception.

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