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Gramma in a Box Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | June 2020

gramma in a box

Gramma in a Box is a monthly subscription box where kids create 15-20 themed candy and cookie crafts. You’ll receive everything you need for a fun and bonding experience. Each package in a renewing subscription is $20 (your first is just $10) or you can buy a one time box for $20. NAT receives this package at no cost in exchange for honest review.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the Gramma in a Box package for June. The theme for the month is Emoji and Minion Treats.

children's subscription boxes

Everything that came in my box from Gramma in a Box. This is going to be a fun one!


So what is all this stuff? 

Our box insert. This tells us about the theme of this month’s box.

We also receive cards that explain to us how to complete each of our three projects for the month.


These six marshmallows will be used in our first project – Emoji Pops


Every box from Gramma comes with a total of eight sugar cookies to complete our third cookie decorating project. This month we received 2 small circles and 2 large circles for the Emojis.


And we also received two small oval sugar cookies and two large oval shaped sugar cookies to account for the Minions in our Cookie Decorating project.


We received a tub of brown sprinkles that will be used in our first Emoji Pops Project.


Every box from Gramma also comes with two sheets of parchment paper. We use these to allow our chocolate to set and these make for simple and easy cleanup!


Every box from Gramma also comes with three tubes of frosting as well – to be used in our cookie decorating activity. This month we received blue, white and yellow. Perfect for both emojis and minions!


Our second project for the month is Crispy Minion Bites. To create these we will use these six mini cupcake liners.


These yellow sugar crystals will be used in our Cookie Decorating project.


As well as these blue sugar crystals.


And of course these yellow sprinkles will be used in the same vein as well.


The blue sprinkles however will be used in our second project – Crispy Minion Bites.


Every month our box from Gramma also comes with melting chocolate in a color that matches the theme. This will be used in both our first and second projects. This month we received yellow and white.


Our box from Gramma also came with six popsicle sticks. These will be used in our first project. Emoji Pops.


This small container of Kix will be used in our Crispy Emoji Bites Project.


And the final item in our box is this container of little items to add to our emoji pops. Inside you’ll find eyes, stars, mustaches, bow ties and more! All to make your pop a little more fun!


Okay so what next? 


Now it’s time to have some fun and create our cookie and candy creations.

First we gather everything that we need to create our Emoji Pops – the melting chocolate, marshmallows, sticks, brown sprinkles and emoji sprinkles.

Then you’ll put your melting chocolate in a microwave safe dish and heat it so that it melts.

Next you’ll pour the brown sprinkles out onto a plate. You’ll be rolling your marshallow in them.

To begin you’ll dip each stick in the melting chocolate mixture and then stick it into the flat side of a marshmallow.

After that you’ll roll the marshmallow in the yellow melting chocolate and then dip the flat top end into the brown sprinkles to create your “hair”.

At this point you can go crazy and add as many emoji sprinkles as you’d like. Here is one of Vivienne’s creations.

Here is Oliver’s. This actually made the other kids really mad because he stole lots of sprinkles to create this.

But they all still managed to have a really great time together with minimal fighting!

Now we move onto our second project – the Crispy Minion Bites. For this project we’ll need the mini cupcake liners, the Kix, the blue sugar crystals and the remaining melting chocolate.

We start out by laying out the six cupcake liners and then mixing the Kix into the remaining melting chocolate.

We’ll quickly spoon out the Kix mixture into each of the mini cupcake liners.

Then we’ll add the blue sprinkles on top. The kids also added some of the remaining emoji sprinkles to these as well for a little extra fun.

For our final project – we will gather everything we need to create our cookies. You’ll need the frosting bags, the yellow and blue sugar crystals as well as the yellow sprinkles. You’ll also use the remaining brown sprinkles and emoji sprinkles if you’d like. And of course you’ll need the cookies as well.

To prepare to decorate your cookies you will need to cut the tips off the frosting bags and unwrap your cookies.

This works out well for my kids – they each get both a large and small cookie to decorate. This is Oliver’s cookie that he decided to combine both and create a “cookie cake”.

This is one of Belle’s cookies. She wanted to create a ghost emoji and I think that this one turned out pretty darn good! It kind of reminds me of Snapchat! Super cute!

Vivienne’s are a little less refined and a little more abstract.

And Penny was working hard at creating something super original!

Oliver’s cookie cake is very … impressive.

And Penny decided she’d keep with the Minion theme on her second cookie.

Belle also wanted to keep with the emoji / minion theme.

Oliver living his best life.

And Vivienne’s finished cookies!

Here are all of our completed candy and cookie crafts! This was a fun box and the kids really enjoyed themselves!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything arrived to me perfectly and was well packaged in my box from Gramma for the month

Quality: I love the assortment of sprinkles that she sends and how wonderful the cookies taste!

Curation: This month’s theme was lots of fun and the kids really enjoyed it (and my kids run the age gamut). Cleanup was easy and the recipes were short enough that they kept my younger children’s attention!


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Gramma in a Box $20

Great Month

This box from Gramma in a Box included everything that we needed to create candy and cookie crafts that were emoji and minion themed and the kids had so much fun!

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