smartass and sass reviews

Smartass & Sass Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | November 2019

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smartass and sass reviews

Smartass & Sass is a monthly package of fun lifestyle items that will make you laugh with their snarky sayings. Choose from three different boxes – the shirt only which contains a t-shirt each month for $15.95; the box that includes 5-7 themed full sized items for $34.95 (what I’m reviewing today) or the big box which contains a t-shirt and everything in the box for $49.95. Use code SC10 for 10% off your subscription or shop order! NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing

Subscription Box Review

smartass & sass review

My first glimpse inside the Smartass & Sass Box. I love the the pink packaging with the green box. So cute!

subscription box review

Everything that came in my “In Your Dreams” themed box from Smartass & Sass! This is such a cool collection of items. I absolutely love the way it all came together!


So what is all this stuff? 

Our box insert.

Inside you’ll find information about each of the items in the box as well as their retail values.


Be Nice or Go Away Sticker from Naughty Florals


The first item in our box is a sticker from Naughty Florals that says, “Be Nice or Go Away” and has this cute little floral image. I think this is awesome and am planning on putting it on my car! On the insert they suggest a computer but… I wanna share it with the world.


Need More Space Luggage Tag from Hang Accessories


Next in our box is the most unique luggage tag that I’ve ever seen. This guy is shaped like a rocket and has bright pops of blue and pink… making it super easy to find your bag at the claim. This does say need more SPACE which I have to admit, is rather punny.


Space Socks from Smartass & Sass


Then we have a cute pair of socks that perfectly match our luggage tags! These are one size fits most.

The socks echo the theme of the box with the “In Your Dreams” verbage and the colors are so much fun! If you are familiar with my blog you know I love socks and I don’t have anything quite like these so these are a welcome new addition to my closet!


Tired Old Ass Mist from Little Moon Essentials


To go with the restful motif of this box we have this invigorating spray that is meant to stave away exhaustion. Some of the essential oils used are rosemary, eucalyptus, balsam and vetiver. This really does have a bright and uplifting scent. This would be great to use before a workout or even after!


Tired Old Ass Mineral Bath Salt from Little Moon Essentials


This box had two items from Little Moon Essentials. This second is one that I was really excited to see. This salt bath has the same essential oils that are in the mist but you mix it in your hot bath to invigorate the senses while simultaneously soothing tired muscles. One of my all time favorite ways to decompress is with a hot bath so getting products like this is awesome!


Snacks / Pony Door Hanger from Emily McDowell & Friends


Then our box has this fun door hanger. What I love most is that this is made from 100% bamboo but it’s also double sized which makes it that much more fun! The first side is bright green and says, “Before you knock ask yourself Did I Bring Snack?”. The second side is painted yellow and says, “Do not enter unless you are a pony or a piece of cake”. Fun! I think the most likely place to put this is on a bedroom door but I think I would like it even more prominently displayed… hmm… decisions, decisions.


N.A.P.S. Collectible Bic Clic Pen from Smartass & Sass


Now we’ll move onto our collectible pen. This Bic Pen is the collectible item for the month (every box from Smartass & Sass includes one collectible items.

Once you open up the little wrapper you’ll see that Hibernation Mode has been Activated.

On the actual pen you’ll see N.A.P.S. which is an acronym for Necessary Adult Peace Sessions. What a fun item!


Spoon Me Spoon from Smartass & Sass


Second to last is my absolute favorite item that was included in this box. This engraved spoon is full of fun and is made of stainless steel and is FDA approved.

On it you’ll see the words spoon me… which is apt for a sleep themed box! I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with this yet but I think it’s a unique item!


Calm yo Ass Down Soy Candle from Fun Club


The final item in our box is this relaxing lavender scented soy candle from Fun Club. At over 7 ounces this is a really generous size and the scent Lavender and Silence is one that is hitting me right in the soul. I do also think the packaging of this is quite cute! The white lid with the pink and lavender pastels makes this great for your desk or bedroom area.


So in summary

Presentation: I think everything was packaged really well and there is a lot of information on our insert. Everything also arrived to me in perfect condition which is excellent

Quality: I love that they are sourcing many of these items from smaller vendors and Etsy sellers. What isn’t sourced that way is made by Smartass & Sass making the quality fantastic.

Curation: I really thought the theme of this box and the items that were included in it fit well. The other elements of the theme like space also came together to form a cohesive assortment of items. I really enjoyed unboxing this and thought they put a good deal of effort into the curation of the items.

Box Economy: For the price of this box ($34.95) I received about $77 in items which is over double the price of this box! That makes this one heck of a deal in my opinion!


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Smartass & Sass $15.95+

Great Fun

If you have a snarky sense of humor or are generally sarcastic this just might be the subscription box for you!

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