up & away adventures review

Up & Away Adventures Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + Coupon | August 2020

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up & away adventures review

Up & Away Adventures is a bimonthly travel experience subscription box. Each package sends you a multisensory assortment of items intended to transport you off to a different destination in each suitcase. These packages are intended to be enjoyed by the entire family and take about two days to complete in total. Subscriptions are $49.95 and with code CRATE10 you’ll get a discount at checkout. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing


Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the box. Beyond being extremely well put together the first thing you notice is the smell of oranges which is incredible – and also something that Spain is known for!

subscription box reviews

The whole package is made to look like a suitcase. This adds to this experience!

subscription boxes

Everything that came in my package from Up & Away Adventures! This box takes us to Spain and it is absolutely packed to the gills with immersive items!


So what is all this stuff? 

Something I really like about this subscription is all the information that you receive about the location of the month.

Inside this foldout card you will find instructions on how to access the online recipes and other videos on the Up & Away website. You also receive a little stamp to add to your passport.


Here is said passport.

Each month you’ll add your stamp to show where you’ve been!


Our other insert in the box is one that details each of the items that we received.

Not only do they explain each item but they list activities that we can do with each item. It’s very comprehensive and I like it!


There’s a Spain Postcard included… to send to our friends from our travels.


And finally for the inserts in the box is this map that is adhered to the inside of the package. There are important places to note included all over it.


The first item included in my box from Up & Away Adventures is Spain’s flag. This is bright and colorful and definitely easy to recognize!


Then in our box is a bag of Vigo Seasoned Yellow Rice. This has everything in it you need to make authentic Spanish Rice! Because Spain in known for Paella this is supposed to invoke the Paella feels and get us to make it! I actually just like eating this as is!


Next up is my absolute favorite item that was included in this box. This set of 16 art stickers features Pablo Picasso, who was born in Malagala

These are great to add to postage or anything you like really!

I love these for adorning everyday objects! It’s great to add a little bit of flair!


Then we have this bag of microwaveable popcorn. This was included to enjoy while we watch the videos on the Up & Way Adventures site’s videos on Spain! You can learn both the language as well as the culture of  Spain!


Now in the box is the food portion. We have this cool grouping of four Spanish recipes and more on the Up & Away Adventures websites. I love that are connected on the clip.

The first is a Gazpacho recipe- which is great because I have been looking for a simple cold soup recipe!

Then we have Paella… it doesn’t get anymore Spanish than this!

And come one now… every beautiful dinner needs a beautiful dessert… my kids were really excited to see this recipe for Churros!

And finally in the recipe department is this Sangria recipe.. because the kids might be excited for dessert… but this Mom wants some #winetime


Keeping it food related – also in our box are two mini packets of M&M’s. These were inspired by hard shelled candies given to soldiers in the Spanish Civil War. That’s where their slogan comes from!


So these guys are my FAVORITE. Chupa Chups Lollipops are excellent and I had no idea where they were made. These were made in Pilona in 1958 and are exported to 150 countries. They even made it to space in 1995

My kids were pumped!


Now this next item is a representation of the Spanish Tomato Throwing Festival La Tomatina. This takes place in August in Bunol, Spain.

Here’s Belle taking part in the famous tomato throwing


Another of my favorite items in this box is this set of tile / cork coasters. These are made in Talavera de la Reina.

The backs have cork which is quite the coincidence since both Spain and it’s neighbor Portugal are the world’s biggest producer of it!

I really love the way they go with my table!


This word find includes many words associated with Spain’s culture

And it has two sides!


Here is the magic packet that made our entire box smell like Valencia Spain… which makes Spain the world’s largest exporter of oranges. I put this in my workout clothes drawer .. and it really invigorates me each time I have to workout!


The heart of this box is the tile / coaster craft. Here we have two peel and stick pieces of cork as well as a stencil.

Additionally in our kit we have a set of watercolor paints, clear nail polish as well as instructions.

I personally love that the craft is really simple but the result is extremely close to the original!

First we mix flour and salt in a bowl.

Then we’ll add water until we have a smooth, cohesive dough.

Your dough should look a bit like this.

Then you’ll roll it out with a rolling pin.

It will look a little bit like this.

Now to complete the shape you’ll take the coasters that you received along with a butter knife and cut squares into the dough. I got enough to create three coasters.

Then you’ll bake them … with a pan on top to prevent rising at 250 degrees for two and a half hours.

You first lay down your first coat of watercolor paint.

Both of my kids did this with precision.

Now you’ll cover it with a coat of the clear nail polish.

Once that dries you’ll use tape to attach your stencil.

And then you will paint the rest of your coaster. The girls had fun with this.

They really got to use their imaginations and have fun with color.

Here’s one coaster before it’s final coat of gloss.

And here are both of our finished coasters.


Another really fun item that we received in this box is the Up & Away Memory Game.

You play this the way you would normal memory. By matching definitions to their pictures, each of which is associated with Spain.

We laid these our in three rows of five.

And Oli and Viv had a blast finding matches with me!


So in summary

Presentation: I can’t say enough how well this subscription box is packaged. I love all the information that is included and the attention to detail – particularly with the many senses that this package appeals to .

Quality: The quality of this package is amazing. I love all the attention to detail and all the ways that they try to incorporate and immerse us into Spains culture.

Curation: I love the curation of this box. There is absolutely something for everyone in your family and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


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Up & Away Adventures $49.95

Best Travel Box EVER

If you are looking for a fully immersive travel experience this is the subscription box for you. This box from Spain had our whole family in on the fun!

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