misfits market review

Misfits Market Madness Subscription Box Review + Unboxing + 25% OFF!

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misfits market review

Misfits Market is a weekly or bi-weekly ugly produce subscription box. You’ll have the ability to select from either the Mischief Box which contains 8-13 pounds of produce for $22 or the Madness (what I’m reviewing) that contains 18-23 pounds of produce for $35. Select areas are able to customize their boxes. Currently Misfits Market ships to Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Ohio, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. Use code COOKWME-IW1PXJ to get 25% off your first box. NAT pays for this subscription.


Subscription Box Unboxing


Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the Misfits Market Box for October. It’s important to note that all the packaging used for this box is either compostable, biodegradable or recyclable.


So what is all this stuff? 

So bear with me folks.. the camera on my phone has been on the fritz. The first item in my box for this month are these six lemons. We love lemons and usually end up using them in marinades or dressings… or just snacks!


Then there were these eight russet potatoes that I selected for my box. Why russet? Because you don’t have to peel them and this Mama likes the no effort lifestyle!


I also received four white onions in my box for the month. We typically don’t choose these but the purple was sold out so I opted for these, a change of pace is nice sometimes anyway.


Then there is a butternut squash in our box. I love this either roasted or put into a soup. I love how this box has made me branch out with more exotic veggies and improved my cooking technique!


My favorite squash is the acorn squash and these two GIANTS were in my box for this week. We always slice and roast these with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic.


Then there were these two items… note sure what the heck they are… and I couldn’t find it on the what’s in the box this week listing on their website but… I’m sure someone out there knows?!


Ahhh cilantro. Some hate it… I love it! I can’t get enough of it. I add it to everything but lately as I’ve been harvesting my mint from the garden I’ve been making lots of mint chutney which I will use this cilantro in!


Then there were a bunch of carrots … I guess they were misfits because they were broken but the were still entirely useable!


These four golden beets will 100% be used in my glazed beets. I love making these for my lunches during the week!


These four cucumbers will almost definitely be used in a cucumber salad! I love just cutting them up and adding a bit of homemade fattoush dressing. I make it with pomegranate molasses, sumac, garlic and a dash of olive oil! So yummy!


Ahh these pictures. There’s six of these red pears included in my box. I always select pears when they are available because my husband loves them!


Then I received two red beets in my box. I’ll be using these along with the golden beets!


So.. since the pictures were so terrible I decided to take a picture of the four orange bell peppers that I received in the way in which we chose to use them. We are making homemade sauce that we’ll be using in tonights eggplant parmesan. We are all pumped for this tasty Sunday family meal!


Check out these huge apples! I mean … I guess that’s why they are misfits but we’ll take it! There were five of these included in my box in total!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged well and arrived to me in great condition. Although my box for this week was a bit late

Quality: I understand that these fruits and vegetables are misfits but they are all perfectly edible and i love that they are all organic and non-gmo

Curation: Since I select each of the items in my box I think the curation is quite good!


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Misfits Market Madness Box $22+

Such a Great Fresh Produce Box

This box is such a joy in my life. Every week is a box packed with organic and fresh fruits and vegetables! I love eating fresh and this box has really helped us branch out.

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