inkidz subscription box review

InKidz Subscription Box Review + Unboxing – Turkey

inkidz subscription box review

InKidz is a bi-monthly subscription box for children and families. Each package includes items from a different place around the world that’s curated by a parent from that country. Boxes include items like interactive educational materials, flash cards, activities, games, sensory toys, art projects, recipes, flags and more. The items included in boxes are respectful, ethically sourced and culturally appropriate. Subscriptions are $49. NAT received this package at no cost for review purposes.

Subscription Box Unboxing


Subscription Box Review

subscription box review

My first glimpse inside the InKidz Box from Turkey.

children's subscription boxes

Everything that came in my InKidz Box from Turkey. This is an awesome curation of items. There are not only facts and activities but really cool items that were sourced from Turkey.


So what is all this stuff? 


My first box insert tells us the theme of this box – Protection and that that is conveyed throughout the box with the evil eye symbol. Wearing this symbol will ward off negativity.

The reverse lists the items that come in our box and the purpose that they were included.


Our second insert

The reverse tells us about Turkey and gives us a lists of facts about the country and the flag.



The first item in our box is the InKidz Passport. You’ll use this to write about each country you visit and you’ll add a sticker that you receive from each box to mark your passport!

Here’s our sticker for the month!


Turkish Flag

This handheld Turkish flag was sent along with a bunch of facts about it. The original star had eight points – one to represent the eights states fo the empire. The crescent is a symbol of religious affiliations and the white star represents the diversity of Turkish cultures.

Here’s Penny waving the flag!



Next up in our box is this cultural sticker sheet which features many popular Turkish things. There’s the flag, a wolf, apples, tulips and more. I was really impressed with the quality of these stickers.


In The Know Flash Cards

These flash cards teach us the Turkish language. On one side you have the word spelled out and pronounced in English

And then you have it in Turkish.

For instance here is the word unity.

There were so many of these included!

Penny really enjoyed these!


Tawula Turkish Backgammon Game

Next up is an item that you can enjoy with friends and family – a board game! This magnetic backgammon set teaches kids how to play a traditional Turkish board game!

It comes with the board, pieces and two mini dice. Because it’s magnetic it’s great for travel too!

Terrible picture but I helped the girls learn to play – they thought it was pretty fun!



Turks were among the earliest carpet weavers and this bookmark was created and sourced in Turkey. This looks like a carpet and is full of color and fun! I think I may be keeping this for myself.


Mini Journal

Next we have another carpet themed item. This mini journal is full of lined pages to jot down your notes and thoughts. The girls fought over this one! It was a huge hit!



Coin Purse

The final carpet themed item and my favorite item, is this little coin purse. This is the most colorful of the three items and features a little clip so you can hook it onto a purse or keychain!


Evil Eye Puffy Stickers

Second to last in our box are these two evil eye stickers. These are raised … not sure where I’m going to put these yet but I think I’ll let the girls decide.


Protection Bands

These Protection Bands feature golden evil eyes and red thread to help ward off negativity. There are two in our box and I gave one to both Penny and Belle.

Here it is on, to get a feel for the detail!


So in summary

Presentation: Everything was packaged really well and arrived to me in great condition in my box from InKidz

Quality: I really love that they sourced the items FROM Turkey. Each of the items include was a really nice quality

Curation: Turkey was a country I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about before I received this box and now I can say that both myself and the girls both know a lot more than when we started. So I’d say this is a great assortment!


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InKidz Box $49

Great Way to Learn

The InKidz Box is a great way to learn about different cultures from around the world. Each bimonthly box takes you to a new location!

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