uncompromised life review

Uncompromised Life with Marisa Peer from Mindvalley Review

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uncompromised life review

Uncompromised Life is a Mindvalley course available from Mindvalley, an online platform for personal growth. They have classes that teach anything from mind expansion, fitness, self love and entrepreneurship through their “Quests”. Each Quest is taught by a world class teacher with other classmates – and you have the ability to communicate and discuss each class with your “tribe” (or class). Mindvalley offers free courses in addition to courses that you have to pay for. In this course that I’m reviewing today, Marisa Peer helps us to discover how to get the most out of life by changing your perspective. This course is designed for people who may be holding themselves back in life and uses Marisa Peer’s powerful hypnotherapy program to rewire the mind.  You can choose to take just this course from Mindvalley or you can opt for Mindvalley all access where you can access each Quest that Mindvalley has to offer. NAT received this course at no cost for review purposes.

Mindvalley Course Review

marisa peer

Marisa Peer is the UK’s top therapist. In her 25 year career she has worked with countless celebs, royalty and even rock stars and so many more. Marisa’s method of therapy is called Transformation Hypnotherapy and it helps to optimize that mind in ways that will transform the way people both think and live – it can work in two sessions!


Lesson 1

What I found most interesting about this class compared to the other Mindvalley courses that I’ve taken is the amount of time is a bit different. Rather than a daily lesson Uncompromised Life has you listen to an hour long talk given by Miranda and then you go through a Hypnotherapy session and a recorded call for a total of three days of commitment. So the time spent on this program is a bit different but I seriously felt “different” after the first lesson.

In our first lesson the theme is that, “Your Mind Does What it Wants”. The lesson was surprisingly simple but extremely profound. If you are afraid of a situation your mind has the power to manifest a roadblock. Maybe that’s in the form of an upset stomach, a headache or you create a situation where you can’t possibly complete or attempt the obstacle. Essentially your mind does what it thinks you want it to do…. let me repeat that one more time… your mind does what it thinks you want it to do. Our goal at the end of this lecture was to find the things we say that are negative like, “This is killing me” or “I’m dieing” or “I can’t cope” and replace them with positives – like saying, “I love this”, “I can deal with this”, “I am good at this task”. I started doing this in normal day to day activity and while it didn’t immediately make me check off all the boxes on my list I was given this beautiful feeling of … I CAN and it motivated me to complete some things I found really tedious.

At the end of this lesson we were asked also to take a growth survey which is used as a benchmark to record our progress during this program and also to complete the activities located in our PDF Quest Workbook. We also do a hypnotic exercise these come in at just over twenty minutes and you’ll need somewhere comfortable to practice it in. We’ll do this exercise everyday for a week.


The final step for our first week of this course is a Live Call Recording. This is intended to raise the question of problems you may encounter on your journey with this course. You’ll get more in depth responses to some everyday situations.

You’ll also have the option of completing Lovability Hypno Track.


The second week of this course our theme is that we only respond to two things. What are those things you ask? Well the first are the pictures we see in our head. And Marisa makes a great metaphor; we see a caterpillar, it’s cute and we like it hence it’s positive association but a worm on the other hand is viewed as slimy and has a negative association These are an instance of the pictures that we create with our mind. The second thing that we respond to are the words that we say to ourselves. This seems like a crazy simple concept but I assure you, you’ve negative self talked yourself before, particularly if you are reading this review!

Again for this week we’ll have a hypnotic exercise that we practice each day for a week and we’ll also have a Recorded Group Coaching Session


While this course goes over the span of eight weeks the last lesson I will leave you with today is the Week Three – Make the Familiar Unfamiliar. For many people we bring the past along with ourselves. For instance, someone with an uninterested father may seek out men that are … well… uninterested solely because it’s “familiar”. In this lesson we go over ways to move away from that toxic familiarity. The first way is with praise, seek out and accept praise for your accomplishments because it boosts self esteem. Criticism has the absolute opposite effect. Basically, the point of this lesson is to accept things that are good even if we didn’t get them when we were young. We’ll finish this lesson by filling in our Quest Workbook and again completing this week’s hypnotic exercise each day for a week. We then end the lesson with a live recorded session where Marisa goes over what we learned and gives you a mental exercise you can complete on your own.


Basically, I loved this course. I felt like when it’s said out loud it seems super simple but having it put down as a course forces you to face the fact that we aren’t living our best life if we don’t treat ourselves with love and compassion and consider ourselves as a priority. That’s pretty much what this course helps you to do in simple and helpful ways!


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So Positive

This course is great for anyone who wants to remove the self sabotage and negative roadblocks that we can inflict upon ourselves. Eight weeks of rewiring your brain to be your very best self.

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