D Shaming

So for the purposes of relieving myself I need to share one of the more horrific, terrible, and probably relatable events that has happened in my life recently. So, I’m in school, for nursing. I am only prerequisites and so far it hasn’t been a problem. My past couple weeks have been intense and I …

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Bride Boards

The other day on the drive to work they were talking about Pinterest Wedding boards of girls that aren’t married, particularly women that are single. The arugment was that it was creepy… DISCLAIMER– I DO NOT HAVE A WEDDING BOARD But I couldn’t disagree more… it’s a bunch of chicks and chicks are taught from …

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Thoughts on Records

I just saw this on Buzzfeed And…. if you are wondering my thoughts on record collecting here are what come to mind: You like records because you are old (Nostalgia and old that shit geriatrics are into) You like records because you are a turntablist (Obviously makes a lot of sense) You are a poser


As I said previously, I subscribed to Citrus Lane. I also went ahead and subscribed to Goodies which sends you a monthly box of snacks for only $7! Right now it’s by invite only but it only took me about three days until they sent me one. If you go ahead and look at their …

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