Time of the Month Subscription Boxes

Swaag Box starting at $10 monthly
Time of the month subscription box that has you choose what tampons or bad brand you like and then also sends jewelry and makeup in addition to you monthly

PMS Package starts at $29.99 monthly
Monthly box of pampering items that help aid you with period cravings and comfort. Review Here

Artemis Box $17.99 monthly
Monthly period subscription box that sends themed assortments of essentials as well as other items that encourage women’s health and body positivity Review Here

Delightful Cycle Subscription starts at $12.95
Monthly tampon subscription that offers just tampons or tampons and other fun gifts each month. Review Here

Pampered Period Box $57 monthly
Pricey but nice themed subscriptions that help make periods enjoyable. Review Here

Secret of the Month $15+shipping (ships from Korea)
Monthly Korean pads and other fun goodies shipped to you each month. 3 different pad options to choose from Review Here

Jolie Organic $7.19 monthly
These all natural and organic tampons and pads give back. For each package sold a care package is given to a women in need. Also have beautifully designed boxes (and discreet) Review Here

Dotboxx plans start at $13.99
Empowering women’s subscription box that sends you everything you need to make that time of the month not so bad! Review Here

Ellebox Co. starts at $10 monthly
Organic pad and tampon subscription with two options one just pads or tampons the other pads or tampons plus handmade items from Canada Review Here

Rose War Panty Power $24 monthly
Time of the Month subscription box that also includes undies and K-Beauty Products! Review Here

Tambot Subscription Box $10 monthly
This subscription sends you monthly tampons and luxury chocolates and other niceties. They also give back by donating tampons to homeless shelters. Review Here

Bonjour Jolie $16 monthly
A premium subscription box designed specifically to pamper women during their period